Nantucket's Tried-Out Moby-Dick

Robert A. diCurcio's COMPANION READER to Melville's Masterpiece

Copyright © 1995-2000 Robert A. diCurcio

        Nantucket's Tried-Out "Moby-Dick" is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Melville's greatest work, intended to assist first-time readers on this long and difficult, but fascinating, adventure. Mr. diCurcio has graciously offered the 79 core chapters and the epilogue through this web site as a helpful research tool for beginning Melville fans. The complete text, covering every chapter of Moby-Dick, may be ordered directly from:

        Robert A. diCurcio
        PO Box 1451
        Nantucket, MA 02554
        (508) 228-2385

        Upon receipt and clearance of a check for US $22.50, mailed to the PO Box address above, Mr. diCurcio will send a hard-copy of the entire book (135 chapters plus epilogue), soft cover, spiral wire-bound, 8 1/2 x11 in. via USPO priority mail.

        PLEASE NOTE: Nantucket's Tried-Out "Moby-Dick" is made available through this web site in the hope that it will be of use and interest to beginning Melville enthusiasts. Neither the publisher nor the webmaster of The Life and Works of Herman Melville Web Site process book orders, nor do we receive any compensation for such orders as may be placed. Please direct all purchasing requests or questions regarding Nantucket's Tried-Out "Moby-Dick" directly to Mr. diCurcio at the address specified above.